Matching high quality installation and beautiful flooring products with a value for money approach, we source and install more than 20,000 m2 of flooring in domestic and commercial properties each year. If you don’t see the exact floor you have in mind on this website, rest assured that we can still source it for you.

About Us

SA Hardwood Floors Services. has been serving the DFW area since January of 2000.  Our professional technicians have mastered the art of hardwood floor renovation and new installation.

Our Installation Technicians specialize in Nail Down, Glue Down and Floating Installation. We can also install custom borders, patterns, & medallions.

Our Finishing Specialists are fluent in Traditional and Hand Scraped Sanding Techniques. We also take pride in the cleanliness of our Dust Free Sanding option

Our main focus is to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of workmanship and the best service possible.  Whether you are installing hardwood floors in your entire home or simply need a small repair, we will get your job done quickly and professionally.



Remember, at SA Hardwood Floors Services we are willing to work with you. If you already have the flooring material, then we can still help get those floors installed. When it comes to installing hardwood foors, you have the option of picking a nail-down or a glue-down process:


If you are looking for the “real deal” in wood floors then unfinished, nail-down hardwood floors are the best choice. Nail-down floors are completely customized to your own taste. You choose from the traditional sand & finish look or the high-end hand scraped finish.

The color of stain can be customized and there are many to choose from. Nortex can even match an existing cabinet or an existing furniture or floor. The polyurethane coat finish can be applied to your floors, and you also have the options of a Satin (non-shiny), Semi-Gloss (medium shine) and Gloss (shiny) to choose from. You only get these options with customized unfinished hardwood floors.


It has been said that a glue-down floor does not work as well as a nail-down installation. That is not always true. A properly installed floor, using the right materials, will last a long time and will feel as solid as a nail-down finish. Most glue-down hardwood floors are usually pre-finished, which means that there is no sanding or scraping required. It will only require the process of installation. It may be convenient for our customers who don’t want any dust in their homes. The second advantage of a glue-down hardwood floor is that it is more affordable than if you want to go with the unfinished, nail-down option. That’s because many of the steps in the process have already been taken, such as sanding, scraping, staining, sealing, etc. There is no plywood to install and that will also save money

Dust Control

Many of SA Hardwood Floors Services customers are concerned about the dust produced when wood floors are installed or refinished. SA Hardwood Floors Services has plenty of experience in dealing with dust and takes all the necessary steps to ensure your home or business stays dust free. SA Hardwood Floors Services’s team of professionals will put up the necessary plastic to contain the dust around the project area, and all the company’s sanders have induction bags to help keep the dust to a minimum. Our dust containment methods help to greatly reduce the amount of dust, and our cleanup methods remove any remaining dust from you home. Redoing your existing floors has truly never been easier.


Genuine hand scraped floors are truly one of a kind. These floors are actually hand scraped, plank by plank, by individual craftsmen. No two boards are going to look exactly alike.

If your floors are subject to a lot of foot traffic, such as children and/or pets, we recommend you choose hand scraped floors because they hide scratches. Because these floors have texture to them, scratches, scuffs, dents and bruises do not show up like a smoothly finished floor. This is why people with children and dogs prefer the hand scraped floors over the smooth finish. These floors can take a real beating and still look brand new.

When choosing a hand scrape finish you have two options:

Against the Grain

Hand scraping is performed against the grain of the wood to give the wood a traditional upscale, rustic-looking finish.

With the Grain

Hand scraping is performed with the grain of the wood to give a less rustic, more modern looking finish.



Our machines are run by well-trained staff to sand the floor. We use 3 – 5 different grits of sandpaper, largely determined by the condition of the floor and the thickness of the finish being removed. If the surface is in very good shape, with only light scratches and few dents, and little build-up of wax or finish, less passes with the sander are necessary. If the floor has been painted or had a considerable amount of glue or adhesives on it, we use as many passes needed until the floor is smooth and unblemished.


Many floors are finished “natural” due to lighting conditions, although we can match any color or look that the customer prefers. When an addition to a home is added adjacent to an already existing hardwood floor, we have the expertise to match the new floor to the existing one with little or no difference in appearance. If no stain is preferred, we can use a penetrating finish sealer which brings out the grain and depth of the wood beautifully.


We apply one coat of sealer and two coats of polyurethane to complete the process. All finishes have been personally tested by the owner. The customer may choose from a variety of wood types, stains and finishes to attain the desired look.



​At SA Hardwood Floors Services we know there are many wonderful old homes with wood floors that were laid generations ago. If the beauty of your existing hardwood floors is marred by scratches and dents then refinishing could restore the floor to its original luster. The refinishing process requires sanding a thin layer off the top of the floor, staining it again, and then applying a new protective finish. SA Hardwood Floors Services will give your old floor new life in a minimum amount of time at a minimum cost. Our refinishing team is experienced in stripping, sanding, staining and polyurethane topcoating.


If your floors have only minor damage or look dull, SA Hardwood Floors Services suggests a screen and coat instead of complete refinishing. This method involves only light sanding and one coat of polyurethane, but will make a huge difference in how new your floors look.


Wood is a natural resource, renewable and recyclable. Leading allergists agree that wood floors are the perfect choice for a healthy home. Wood floors are the right choice if you are looking for a beautiful, long-lasting, durable, hypoallergenic floor which requires very little maintenance. Hardwood flooring care is reasonably easier than other types of flooring as it requires very little to maintain its good looks and serviceability.

The limitless choices of today’s stains, finishes, styles and designs make wood flooring one of the most practical, easy-care and versatile floor coverings today. Maintained properly, wood flooring should never have to be replaced.


SA Hardwood Floors Services Custom Hardwood Floors also offers repair services for change in floor-plans, damaged floors due to water damage, scratches, or high traffic. Give us a CALL TODAY at 972-670-2058 for ON THE SPOT consulting and scheduling of your urgent repairs!



  • FREE Estimates
  • Install unfinished or pre-finished wood
  • Install custom borders, patterns, & medallions
  • Sand & Finish using “Traditional” or “Dust Free” technique
  • Handscrape or Distress
  • Screen and Coat
  • Repairs


Here are some simple things you can do to keep your wood floors looking like new:

Sweep or Vacuum regularly; built-up grit can damage the finish. The vacuum head must be a soft brush or the felt type.  DO NOT use a vacuum with a beater head. Be certain the wheels of the vacuum are clean and do not damage the flooring.

  • Important: Never wet mop or flood your wood floor with water or other products. This can severely damage the floor.
  • Remove spills promptly using a soft terry cloth
  • The use of a quality wood floor cleaner is recommended, such as:
    • Bona X Hardwood Floor Cleaner
    • Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Important: Do not use oil soaps, liquid or paste wax products or other household cleaners (like Pledge, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Orange Glo or Lysol All manufacturers of polyurethane and/or engineered wood will void any applicable warranties if these products have been used.

LABOR WARRANTYSA Hardwood Floors Services. provides a one-year labor warranty on all contracted work. Any needed repairs will be handled in a timely manner by the technician who performed the initial work. If the original technician is not available in a reasonable time period, SA Hardwood Floors Services. will arrange for the work to be repaired by another qualified technician.


SA Hardwood Floors Services. makes no warranties expressed or implied on the products used in refinishing floors.  All warranties on materials come from the manufacturer and all material claims must go through the manufacturer. Warranties are not effective until all payments have been made in full.


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